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Captions Manager is a software system for the seamless management of the captioning process, using sophisticated efficiency tools to offer significant time and cost savings over manual and spreadsheet-based procedures.

Captions Manager uses current web and database technologies to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use system.

With an integrated internal message system, automatic task handling, reporting and inventory views, Captions Manager ensures that you always have full visibility of your entire workflow, and hugely reduces the scope for human error.

In an industry in which there are constant and immovable deadlines, managers are offered peace of mind by having instant access to up-to-the-minute information about all processes, including task status and profit and loss analysis.

Everyone in the workflow, from the operations staff to the captioner and the financial management team, is able to benefit from Captions Manager inherent time-saving capabilities.

When preparing a new order, operations staff use pre-prepared price lists and workflow templates, together with simple scheduling and task allocation systems, to get an order underway.

The captioners to whom tasks have been allocated are then contacted through the automatic task transfer and email systems. Without having to leave the Captions Manager tool, those workers are able to download any files they require to complete their task, as well as accessing and updating any messages or series information that might be relevant to their task.

The worker then uploads their completed files to the system, which automatically alerts their supervisor and makes the work available to the next person in the workflow chain. If a file is then completed, QC’d and ready for broadcast, it is also automatically sent to the client.

The task of invoicing is also hugely simplified by Captions Manager,, which makes visible the price payable for each task, allows the user to question that price within the system, and alerts any user who has failed to approve their monthly report or timesheet.

And as a web-enabled management tool, Captions Manager is easily accessible to users in any location.

Captions Manager is a software system for the management of the captioning process. By providing a single management system, Captions Manager offers significant time and cost savings over manual or spreadsheet-based procedures.

Key Features

  • Web-based (Online)
  • Input data once
  • Production Workflow Manager
  • File management and delivery
  • Automatic Purchase Orders
  • Time sheets and task time sheets
  • Manage Series And Episodes
  • Project Management
  • Task scheduling

Key Benefits

  • Accurate Real-time Reports
  • Open and Update Multiple Orders
  • Track captions and other media files through the whole workflow
  • Advanced queries