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Company Profile

OOONA.Net Ltd.
was founded at 2012, resulting from many years of collaborative work toward creating a management tool in the absence of an adequate solution in the field.

Among its founders are:

 Trans Titles – One of the leading companies in the translation industry, with hundreds of translators around the globe.

 GPS Magic – Specializes in cost-effective and proactive information management systems, with over 18 years of experience and a unique and practical view of the development process.

This unique combination of technical know-how, on the one hand, and experienced and excellent management knowledge, on the other, gave rise to a different kind of management – a short, flexible and rapid approach to the development cycle results in a very short reaction time to the changing market.

Translation Manager – Created from the ground roots, starting with the end users and adding management and finance tools later, this “User at the center” approach created one of the most user-friendly systems, teeming with features to assist the user!  A system with no nonsense and no redundant information!  Everything you see in Translation Manager is there because users requested it and because they thought it will facilitate their work.  Once the end users were satisfied, we shifted our focus to creating robust management and financial tools to satisfy the head office. Every management screen in Translation Manager is a result of constantly refining and fine tuning the system to better accommodate the system managers. OOONA issues 3 minor versions every quarter and 4 major releases every year, thus maintaining a development edge unmatched in the industry!

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