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This is the 3rd of a series of new/improved pages.

OOONA Translation Manager - Tasks


The flage page enables the user to perform the following functionality:

  • Mark as complete ( complete Play24, Add title countPlayRed24)
  • Date flexibility (flexibleNoPriority, not flexiblePriority)
  • Report time for task (clock in clockBlack_Play24, clock out clockBlack_Pause24, other working on task clockBlack_WorkStarted24)
  • Order info information-document24
  • Messages  (has message notes_24 , no messages notes_Empty_24)
  • Media Burn24
  • Files (has files folders-stack24, no files folder-Disabled24)
  • Order tasks information-balloon
  • Customer remarks card--Information24
  • Approved titles (has title balloon--approved24, no titlesballoon24Left_Disabled)
  • Series information  balloon-ellipsis24
  • Price details  Money24
  • Range buttons (new range FilterNew24, change range FilterEdit24, clear range FilterClear24, setup range FilterSetUp24)
  • Export to excel doc_excel_table24


  • Department Supervisor
    • Employee
    • Range buttons
    • Show subordinates tasks
  •  Administrator
    • Employee
    • Range buttons
    • Show subordinates tasks
    • Export to excel
  • Tasks display customer
    • Customer
    • Customer remarks
  • Flag modify
    • Flag
  • Flag display
    • Flag


  • My tasks
  • Tasks
  • Tasks completed