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Supplier duration is here !

The long awaited Supplier duration feature is here !

You can now have separate duration for supplier billing and customer billing (useful for series with long start songs that need not be translated).

To change the Global setting that enables the dual duration go to the  Administrator >> Web administrator.


In the press the configuration button  to open the configuration page.

Go to the   Settings tab we added the new “Enable supplier duration


The Enable supplier duration enables the administrator activate the dual duration system behavior.

To specify which tasks are calculated by the new duration is done in the “Tasks types” page .

To do this go to  Administrator >> Tables >> Tasks type.

Go into the Edit page one of the task type, we added the “Default time” setting for the task type.

In addition to Task type the setting can be set in the Template per task and in the Order per Order task.

Order Tasks


Please note!

The role hierarchy is that the most specific setting is the one to determines if the billing will be done by the supplied duration.

Least specific >>>>>>>>>>Most specific

Task type  >>  Template  >>  Order task

The setting is not updated to existing Templates and Order tasks so not to create unexpected billing.