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Task – Default time is here !

The long awaited Default time feature is here !

You can now change the global tasks Default time that was up until now 12:00 pm.

To change the Global Default task time go to the  Administrator >> Web administrator.


In the press the configuration button  to open the configuration page.

Go to the   Settings tab we added the new “Default tasks time


The Default tasks time enables the administrator to set the time all tasks will be set to by default for the entire system.

To override this settings you can specify in the “Tasks types” page a different default time for every task type.

To do this go to  Administrator >> Tables >> Tasks type.

Go into the Edit page one of the task type, we added the “Default time” setting for the task type.

Please note!

The settings both the general “Default tasks time”  and the Task type “Default time” are used only if there is no time specified (00:00:00) in the order task.

A Drag and drop action into a day specific time in the Schedulers will result in that specific time set to the task and not the defaults !