Designed for language service providers, OOONA Manager is a cloud-based system for the seamless management of media localization, translation and captioning workflows with a user-centric approach.

OOONA Manager uses current web and database technologies to provide an intuitive and customisable system. With integrated financial reports, project dashboards and an internal messaging system, OOONA Manager offers instant and full visibility of the entire media localization pipeline, reducing the scope for human error and eliminating duplication of effort.

Everyone in the localization pipeline, from operations staff to translators and the finance team, can benefit from OOONA Manager’s inherent time-saving capabilities and instant access to up-to-date information about all processes, including task status and profit and loss analysis. Different access levels can be assigned to company staff, external translation resources or end clients.

As a cloud-based management system, OOONA Manager is easily accessible by users in any location and on any operating system, and is complemented by a suite of high-end, web-based production tools, the OOONA Tools.

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