A powerful online platform for designing and executing resource testing in media localization workflows


Assessing the knowledge and skills of their resources is common practice for language service providers. The latter need to ensure that the talent they hire can deliver to the quality standards they require, whether this relates to a variety of localization tasks they need to perform, knowledge of the tools of the trade or adherence to procedures such as security. From test creation to evaluation, the OOONA Testing Platform optimizes efficiency, ensuring a thorough and accurate evaluation of candidates, and acts as a virtual assistant to HR teams.
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Design and Create Tailored Tests for The Media Localization Industry

OOONA’s Testing Platform is a versatile tool, allowing users to design and create tailored tests to meet their unique requirements. It offers both automated tests with results immediately provided upon completion of the test, as well as evaluated ones, which undergo one or more layers of assessment by specialists.


The platform supports the inclusion of multiple sections and tasks within a single test, featuring a variety of question types that incorporate videos, images or text as needed. With role-based accounts access to the platform can also be customized, while the look and feel of each test can be personalized with your choice of color palette and logo.

Professional assessment with professional tools

The OOONA Testing platform seamlessly integrates OOONA’s toolkit, enhancing its functionality and providing a comprehensive solution for assessing skills and knowledge in the media localization field. This addresses the challenge of having subtitling and translation tests conducted outside the professional working environment of a subtitling platform. It also includes integration to a certification module for the issuing and validation of unique user certificates. The result makes for a streamlined and effective testing process, ensuring that assessments are conducted in an optimal and relevant manner.


Case study: AVTpro certification

In late 2023, the launch of AVTpro certification was a major achievement, representing the media industry’s first large-scale examination. OOONA, a proud sponsor of this pioneering professional certification initiative, not only provided financial support but also played a crucial role as a technology sponsor. The OOONA Testing Platform became the cornerstone for designing and implementing the certification, showcasing its versatility with a wide range of task types and questions, along with evaluation layers. This strategic partnership exemplifies OOONA’s unwavering commitment to spearheading innovations and firmly establishing itself as a leading force in the media localization industry.

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Online access from any computer, any time, any OS
Intuitive UI and
full user customization
Automated email notifications before, during and after exams
fully integrated
Unique certification
with validation features
Role-based user accounts and multi-level evaluation procedure

Frequently asked questions

The OOONA Testing Platform is a versatile, agnostic platform that can support any type of test. What makes it unique is the integration of OOONA’s state-of-the-art suite of tools, thus catering to the specific needs of the media localization industry.

The platform supports various question types, including multiple-choice, free-text, and image- as well as video-based questions. Additionally, the platform integrates with the OOONA toolkit to accommodate specialized tasks that need to be performed on timed-text editors. Users of the platform are also able to utilize external specialized tools as necessary by providing candidates with the option to download and upload files to the platform in order to complete their tasks.




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