Take 1 Integrates OOONA Tools into its Management System

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December 3rd, 2020 –  Take 1, a leading specialist in broadcast transcription, translation and access services, has selected OOONA Tools to augment its subtitling and caption management workflow. OOONA Tools is a high-end browser-based production suite which incorporates all the resources needed for subtitling and captioning online from any internet-connected Windows or Mac computer.

“Operational flexibility has always been a core aspect of the services we provide to our global clients,” says Take 1 COO Stephen Stewart. “OOONA Tools gives our teams the ability to perform their core tasks at any time and from any location. Operating from headquarters in the UK, we have additional facilities in Los Angeles, Connecticut and Santiago. Working online allows our staff to function as an efficient connected team active across multiple time zones. The pay-as-you-go pricing model on which OOONA Tools is structured gives us the freedom to scale our resources to match actual demand instead of having to invest in capital equipment before it is actually needed. Our staff find the OOONA Tools GUI both intuitive and versatile, displaying all the features relevant to each point in the workflow, and it sits well alongside our other cloud-based platforms.”

“Take 1 is a very welcome addition to our global customer base,” adds OOONA CEO Wayne Garb. “OOONA Tools allows Take 1 a complete, secure and future-proof cloud solution with integrated tools. All our solutions have been developed, and continue to be refined, by software and system designers with long experience of broadcast media localization.”   

Working in any language, OOONA Tools comes with a wide range of detailed features including MPEG Dash streaming, frame-accurate text timing with an advanced timeline, a video grid for precise caption positioning, plus audio waveform and scene-change detection for accurate subtitle spotting. Import and export can be performed in almost any caption and subtitle format. Dedicated apps allow operators to run automated QA scripts to check and fix their files, and to customize hotkeys and project settings.

About Take 1 

Take 1 (www.take1.tv) makes video accessible by unlocking the power of words. The company specializes in transcription metadata and provides transcripts, access services, translations, and As Broadcast scripts to production companies, studios, localization vendors and networks across the globe. Take 1 has a heritage of over 20 years in the broadcast industry and a reputation for providing fast, reliable services and unrivalled accuracy.  


OOONA.Net Ltd (https://ooona.net) was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing professional management and production tools for the localization industry. The company’s flagship product is OOONA Manager, a cloud-based system for managing translation, subtitling and captioning workflows in a user-centric approach, with full visibility over the localization workflow and integration with financial and production tools.

Contacts for further information

 Newsmedia support: David Kirk, Stylus Media Communications

+44 (0)1342 311983 | stylusmedia@gmail.com

Take 1: Claire Brown, VP of Global Sales 

 +44 (0) 1580 720923 | claire.brown@take1.tv

OOONA: Wayne Garb, CEO

+972 732-688126 | info@ooona.net

OOONA.Net Ltd, Hata’asiya St 4, Tel Aviv, Israel

+972 732-688126 | info@ooona.net | www.ooona.net

Twitter: @Ooona13 | Facebook:ooona.net



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