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A cloud-based platform specifically designed for training in any type
of audiovisual localization task


Professional courses and
training in media localization


Learn from industry
pros and stay up to date


Collaborate globally
and learn from your peers

By professionals, for professionals

OOONA EDU hosts a vast array of professional courses in all possible delivery types – from lectures, webinars and interviews, to self-paced courses and workshops. 

  • Learn from industry pros
  • Get training in the exact tasks you will be asked to perform
  • Select from a variety of formats and course lengths to suit your specific needs
  • Practice by yourself, with a tutor or in a group
  • Simulate your working environment with OOONA’s cutting-edge toolkit
  • Get a taste of what’s on offer by watching our free webinars and interviews
  • Get a certificate of course completion to showcase your new skills to prospective clients

What We Offer You

Easy access –
all you need is an
internet connection
Courses in English and an increasing
number of other languages so you can
enjoy learning in your mother tongue
Specialized courses in tasks
you will be asked to perform
for your future clients
Access to OOONA’s cutting-
edge toolkit for practice
in a real working environment
Free webinars and interviews
with industry pros to stay up
to date with trends
Interactive multimedia
content for an immersive
learning experience
On demand courses
developed especially
for you





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