Professional production tools for video localization.
  Instant access from anywhere, any time, any operating system.

create & translate
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Create, edit and translate captions and subtitles in any language
Author, edit, translate and reformat timed text files. Precise positioning on the video grid and frame-accurate timing. Any format, any media, any language.
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Translate from timed template files to another language
Create second language subtitles from a timed template file. Import and export in all industry-standard file formats. Customizable, automated QC checks and fixes.
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Review, edit and QC subtitles and captions
Real-time preview of videos with captions and subtitles. “Share project“ functionality for online review or editing. Multiple team collaboration features.
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Create script files and dialog lists
Create script files and dialog lists and export them as word documents
subtitle converter
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Convert to any subtitle and caption file format
Convert between caption and subtitle file formats. Generate image-based subtitles for DVD/BD. Support for all industry-standard formats.
burn & encode
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Create videos with open captions or subtitles
Burn captions or subtitles onto video with just a few clicks. Render MP4/MOV (h.264), ProRes HQ, etc.
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Compare subtitle versions
A simple online tool to compare two subtitle files side by side. Compare timing, text, style, positioning. Intuitive visualization of changes and ability to jump between them.
Standard and PRO package discounts
Standard and PRO package discounts. Get more for your money by purchasing one of our tool packages.


Online access from PC or MAC; no
software installation required
Intuitive web interface with
customizable hotkeys and templates
Any format, any media,
any language
Frame-accurate timing
with shot change detection
Automated QA scripts
and intuitive file compare features
AI support:
ASR, MT and TTS integration

Frequently asked questions

We support over 70 industry-standard subtitle and caption file formats (including image-based ones), which we continually update to remain up-to-date with the latest market trends. You can view a full list of the file formats currently supported here:

Although the Translate tool can perform most of the functions of the Create tool, it is tailored for work from a master template file, which is viewed in a separate column. Customers using a template methodology when working into multiple languages for the same video material typically purchase Create tool licenses for their staff working on template files, and as many Translate licenses as needed to accommodate translation into all the languages of their projects. A Create tool license comes with one free Translate license as well.

WebSpellChecker. You can add words and create your own dictionaries within OOONA Tools, but you cannot upload a third-party dictionary. 

Yes. All work on the OOONA platform is automatically saved every two minutes and backed-up so you never run the risk of losing your work. If you would like to restore a backup, go to the ‘restore backup’ option in the Project menu.

Yes, Japanese is a supported script in our Tools. In fact, our toolkit caters to all special functionalities of Japanese subtitling, including the use of vertical subtitles, rubies and boutens. 

OOONA Tools are available in twelve languages, representing the majority of our users’ mother tongues: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Subscriptions are automatically set to Auto-renew by default, eliminating the need for manual renewal.
To cancel a subscription or switch to manual renewal, please visit your subscription page.




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