Professional online tools for media localization : instant access from anywhere, any time, any operating system

Create, edit and translate captions, subtitles and scripts in any language online, using a simple and intuitive web interface, without downloading anything to your local workstation. State-of-the-art tools with frame-accurate streaming allow for timed-text control with an advanced timeline, video grid for precise caption positioning on the screen, audio waveform and scene-change detection for accurate subtitle spotting, as well as many other features subtitlers have come to love.

Powerful Pro apps enable QA scripts to automatically check and fix your files, as well as customize hotkeys and project settings. Our tools feature import and export in almost any caption and subtitle format, including TTML/DFXP, VTT, SCC, CAP, EBU-STL, SRT, IMSC, PAC, 890 and many more. We also support generating image-based subtitles for DVD/Blu-ray/DCP authoring.


Create and edit captions and subtitles in any language
Author, edit and reformat timed text files.
Precise positioning on the video grid and frame-accurate timing.
Any format, any media, any language.


Translate from timed template files to another language
Create second language subtitles from a timed template file.
Import and export in all industry standard file formats.
Customizable, automated QC checks and fixes.


Review, edit and QC subtitles and captions
Real-time preview of videos with captions and subtitles.
“Share project“ functionality for online review or editing.
Multiple team collaboration features.


Create script files and dialog lists
Author script files and dialog lists from scratch or by post-editing imported transcripts.
Full timing and text control, including support for metadata annotations.
Export to Word documents or custom Excel sheets.


Convert to any subtitle and caption format
Convert between caption and subtitle formats.
Generate image-based subtitles for DVD/BD.
Support for all industry standard formats.

Burn & Encode

Create videos with open captions or subtitles
Burn captions or subtitles onto video with just a few clicks.
Render MP4/MOV (h.264), ProRes HQ, etc.


Integrate OOONA’s Convert tool in your platform
A powerful cloud API to allow for single or batch file conversion between different subtitle and caption formats.


Compare subtitle versions
A simple online tool to compare two subtitle files side by side.
Compare timing, text, style, positioning.
Intuitive visualisation of changes and ability to jump between them.

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