Open any TTML file to preview it on a green screen or your own video

QC, validate and fix TTML / IMSC files

OOONA has created an updated version of Sandflow’s IMSC1 Renderer. We took the great imscJS and put it on steroids.

Using our TTML Renderer you can open any TTML file and preview it either on a green screen or on your own video stored locally. We have added support for non-IMSC1 files and SMPTE time base too for your convenience.

The TTML Renderer has a built-in XML editor that updates the preview as you type and helps you troubleshoot any issues within your TTML files.

We have also added hotkeys to quickly search, replace and jump between events: move between events with the left and right arrow keys when the focus is outside of the XML editor, search for text with ctrl+F or jump to line with alt+G.

The tool is free of charge, for anyone to use without having to create an account. Don’t forget to add this page to your bookmarks! We will support and improve the TTML Renderer over time and we hope that it will be an effective tool in your toolbox to validate TTML / IMSC files, find and fix issues, and quickly QC possible burn-in overlaps with your video.




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