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Astra Security makes cyber security super simple for businesses through its cloud penetration testing and website protection products.

AudioShake makes audio interactive, customizable, and accessible by using AI to separate sound recordings into their component parts and stems.

Automat-IT is an AWS premier consulting partner, and provider of DevOps and Cloud professional services helping customers manage their DevOps and cloud environments from initial design through build, deployment and ongoing management.

Convergent is a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance services for the media and entertainment sector.

Edgeware facilitates a new way of consuming TV by enabling streaming media to any device, in any format, at any time. It offers telco and cable operators, broadcasters, and content owners solutions to capitalize their content, give viewers an amazing viewing experience and scale for their biggest live events.

Hudson Rock specializes in sourcing compromised credentials from threat actors. With a granularity of threat vectors including ransomware, business espionage, breaches and network overtakes, Hudson Rock offers unparalleled security to companies and digital assets.

InfoGuard provides comprehensive and professional cybersecurity consulting services with seasoned professionals skilled in risk management, penetration testing and hacking, deeply knowledgeable in information security standards such as ISO 270001/27799, PCI DSS and GDPR.

Limecraft develops video production automation solutions for the media industry. It has engineered an AI Automated Subtitling solution that cuts down the time needed to complete same-language subtitling assignments by up to 80% depending on the content.

Rev offers an exceptional speech-to-text service in terms of speed, quality and scale by using a vast network of 72,000+ freelancers and the company's proprietary speech recognition AI.

Sage Marketing offers marketing outsourcing services with an experienced team of marketers, strategists, creatives and technophiles who love to connect people with technology and innovation.

SDVI, Inc is an Emmy® Award-winning supplier of cloud-based media supply chain technology that empowers organizations to optimize content ingest, processing, packaging, and distribution operations.

Veritone Voice is a custom synthetic voice cloning solution which allows content creators and providers to securely and ethically create and monetize synthetic voices. It also offers a self-serve application for text-to-speech voice projects with 200+ stock voice models across more than 100 languages.

VoiceQ facilitates authentic storytelling between cultures by developing software that speeds up the dialogue creation and replacement process for television, film, video and gaming post production, enabling precise synchronization of audio assets.

XL8 is a Silicon Valley company that develops products optimized for media content. Its advanced machine translation technology is built with high-quality, professionally created subtitles, significantly increasing the percentage of MT output that can be used as is in media localization workflows.

Yael Acceptic offers IT outsourcing services with experts that specialize in software programming, web development, QA engineering, mobile development and enterprise applications.

Verbit is the world’s leading verbal intelligence platform for speech-intensive industries, setting the standard for accuracy, efficiency and affordability. Powered by the latest in AI technology, Verbit helps businesses, organizations and individuals of all sizes turn spoken audio and video into accessible and actionable text. With a global network of human experts and an ever-evolving AI engine, Verbit ensures exceptional results while scaling to meet any need. For more information, visit www.verbit.ai.



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