Visual Data is a heavy user of the integrated OOONA toolset and management system. There are two key things that put OOONA at the top of our wish list. Firstly, they provide a secure cloud based toolset that was versatile enough to handle our localization processes and management in the cloud. And just as importantly, we wanted to find a partner who would work with us as we continue to evolve our business. What we like about OOONA is the flexibility and support we get. Nothing is too much. We like that. The support and development team are fantastic.

Simon Constable

SVP Language Services - Visual Data Media Services (CA, USA)

We’ve been having a lot of trouble with certain vendors burning in the Japanese IMSC correctly. We can compare the file in your Sandflow TTML viewer, which is great since I can make changes on-the-fly to prove something and see the results in real-time. Our Japanese team is able to verify any issues with the burn-in results, but I have to say that the conversion from Lambda CAP to IMSC 1.1 using the API has proved very good, especially when there were questions over whether the IMSC was incorrect or the rendering itself. Using the above method proved the file to be okay each time.
Tim Goulding

Tim Goulding

Lead Subtitle Engineer for Media & Technology Services at Paramount (London)

OOONA has been the localization program of choice for Bespoke Lab since we started. In the beginning, the OOONA Tools and OOONA Manager solutions helped us quickly get operations off the ground by providing the necessary structure to manage, track and execute localization projects. Now, as we expand, the cloud based build and customizability of OOONA allows it to scale with us. We can configure it to our growing business needs as they develop, and as we expand internationally, maintaining everything in a central location in the Cloud enables new office locations to quickly merge with existing workflows. Lastly, OOONA themselves have been great partners, providing fantastic and timely support whenever we need help.
Alan McCarthy

Alan McCarthy

Partner Relations Manager - Bespoke Lab (South Korea)

Working with OOONA has been one of the best decisions True Subtitles has ever made. OOONA has been with us every step of the way, providing us with a fast, accessible, and secure way to share information with all stakeholders in the localization process. We were one of OOONA’s first customers in South America, and for over 10 years they have been there for us every step of the way, supporting our growth and new technologies, and allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible services. At this point, OOONA is a strategic partner for our business, a friend who is always there for us.
Analía Pastorino – CEO - True Subtitles LLC (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Analía Pastorino

CEO - True Subtitles LLC

It’s been a promising ride ever since I stumbled on OOONA and we’ve seen a shared vision ever since. We function as a close unit, us delivering to the expected quality standard and OOONA enabling us.

Arnold Lewis

Founder - Clockwork Captions (India)

The OOONA team have been extremely helpful and professional in launching and customizing June First Media’s The Core, which ties everything together, from projects start to final invoicing. It allows us to create client specific, adjustable workflows and keep track of project to make sure we always deliver high-quality subtitles and translations on time.

Martin Königsmark

EVP Localization & Content Services - JuneFirst AB (Sweden)

OOONA gives us the security features clients demand, and the robust toolkit can handle whatever we throw at it. The support is quick and effective, and we feel like we have a voice when it comes to developing and enhancing features. With OOONA, you don’t feel like a customer; you feel like a partner.

Todd McCullough

Todd McCullough

VP of Localization -
2G Digital (CA, USA)

Having the OOONA toolkit available has enabled us to increase efficiency throughout our Localisation services team. The ability to assign licences as required coupled with an excellent price point allows us to scale up and down as demand dictates. The Transcription tools make script creation a breeze compared to legacy workflows and the ability to script and process Audio Description in one solution makes OOONA our number one go to platform.

James Dartnell

Digital Operations Manager - Silver Trak Digital (Australia)

OOONA has been IDC’s platform of choice for end-to-end localization workflows since 2020. OOONA’s Toolkits provide an easy-to-use and secure, cloud based platform for transcribers and translators all over the world to create a wide variety of localization products. OOONA’s Workflow Management System is a powerful resource for Project Managers to create robust templated workflows that can be assigned to multiple resources to leverage the aforementioned Toolkits. Lastly, OOONA is very accommodating to customer needs and offers a wide variety of trainings for their products.

Marcy Gilbert

CEO - IDC Digital (NY, USA)

OOONA simplified our localization workflow from the ground up. Their cloud-based toolset, coupled with their exceptional support, has made them an invaluable partner for us. Their flexibility and commitment to excellence have enabled us to meet and exceed our localization goals consistently. From managing projects efficiently to providing timely support, OOONA has exceeded our expectations at every turn. Choosing OOONA has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.
Lennart Löf

Lennart Löf

Managing Director - LinQ Media Group (Sweden)

LinQ Media Group



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