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OOONA Integrated is our flagship platform for any type of media localization project. A powerful combination of OOONA’s Manager and the full suite of OOONA’s Tools, in a single end-to-end system that addresses any media localization need without ever leaving the OOONA ecosystem.

OOONA Integrated comes loaded with a mobile app for fast and remote task allocation and approval in line with the pace of modern media localization workflows, as well as APIs into a growing number of bespoke third-party language tools for a seamless user experience.

Hosted on AWS and continuously tested and monitored, OOONA Integrated is a secure and scalable solution to service organizations of any size, able to easily accommodate work volume fluctuations. It automatically imports client orders and updates customer’s management or scheduling systems upon project delivery, allows for auto and bulk work assignment, and provides live user metrics.

Key features

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Batch Export

“Batch Export” is the core of file-less operations when your captioning and subtitling projects are saved at the database level. It will save you substantial manual effort when delivering a list of projects in various formats and frame rates. This feature allows you to select a list of tasks and run a combined export according to delivery specification templates (list of formats the client requires) which will result in a single zip file containing all exported files.

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File Naming

One of the key features to prevent human error and save time is the ability to export files using the exact file naming convention your clients require. This can be accommodated by adding a file name 'formula' for each export configuration. Administrators can configure the exported file name formation on the “Naming Convention” page, using values from the management system, at a customer level.

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Apply Revisions

This feature allows for automated updates when a master template file has been used to create language translations in a parent-child relationship. By using the “Apply Revisions” feature, you can automatically apply changes from the master file, such as added or deleted subtitles, timing or positioning changes and tags, to all the descendent projects.

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Available on all OOONA Integrated accounts, our mobile app facilitates the day-to-day work of media localization professionals. It allows project managers and translators to manage urgent and live work scheduling remotely and intuitively. Users are able to view dashboards, confirm assignments and answer requests, auto-assign work, as well as set a ‘quiet’ time so notifications do not distract them.

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