OOONA Integrated


OOONA Manager

API for enterprise integration with OOONA Manager. Automatically import orders and update customers’ management or scheduling system when completed.


OOONA tools can be integrated into your management platform and become a seamless part of your existing workflow.

Key features

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Batch Export

Batch Export is the core of the file-less operations, when your captioning and subtitling projects are saved on the database level. It will save you a substantial amount of manual work when you need to deliver a list of projects in various formats and frame-rates. This feature allows you to select a list of tasks and run a combined export according to delivery specifications templates (list of formats the client requires) which will result with a single zip file containing all exported files.

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File Naming

One of the important features allowing to prevent human mistakes and save more time, is the ability to export files with the exact names your clients require. This is achieved by adding a file name 'formula' for each export configuration. On the Naming Convention page, administrators can configure exported file name formation, using various values from the management system, at a customer level.

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Apply Revisions

This feature will save you a substantial amount of manual work when a master template is used to create other language translations, and the template and corresponding translation need to be updated after the fact. Using the “Apply Revisions” feature, you will be able to automatically apply changes such as added or deleted subtitles, timings, positioning and tags to all the descendent projects.

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