Revamped OOONA Website: new additions to the OOONAverse

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped website. This launch is more than just a facelift, it represents OOONA’s commitment to providing comprehensive, 360-degree solutions tailored for every facet of the media localization industry. Beyond tools and workflows, OOONA is the hub for all media localization essentials. 
Whether you’re a localization company looking to scale, a media organization looking for global resonance, or an independent professional keen on productivity, OOONA is the partner you’ve been waiting for. 

What’s New? 

In today’s fast-paced media localization landscape, companies are grappling with mounting anxiety stemming from escalating demands and the increasing complexity of their work. The search for simplification and optimization has never been more critical.  

Adding on to the existing OOONAverse of solutions are our new QA Manager and Testing Platform – both built on a foundation of innovation and user feedback.  

QA Manager – Commitment to Quality

Broadcast operations typically involve the QC of hundreds of files daily to ensure assets are error-free. OOONA’s QA Manager is a secure cloud-based platform that manages the quality assurance process of any type of asset, be it video, audio, subtitle file or other. 

Tailored both for broadcasters and media localizers, QA Manager is designed with accuracy, speed, and user experience in mind. It includes intuitive controls for collaboration amongst members and teams who work on fixing issues flagged until an asset is greenlit.   

Aligned with OOONA’s philosophy of customization, the system can be tailored to the user’s requirements, such as escalation rules, naming conventions, mandatory content and ticket fields as well as automated actions and notifications – so nothing gets overlooked.  To top that, all workflows and progress are managed in fully configurable tables, and a real-time dashboard provides a snapshot view of the entire production pipeline. 

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OOONA’s Testing Platform – Source, Assess, and Progress with the Very Best 


To ensure your team delivers the highest quality standards that are expected of media localizers and content owners worldwide, OOONA’s Testing Platform was created for designing and executing resource testing and has been specifically developed for the media localization industry. 

It is the only customizable qualification platform for audiovisual localization professionals that integrates professional translation tools into its core. 

OOONA’s Testing Platform allows you to assess the knowledge and skills of your talent, their technical know-how, knowledge of linguistics, translation and cultural references, their familiarity with professional tools used in the market, as well as their ability to adhere to procedures and style guides, security, and more.   

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An OOONAverse of Solutions 

The following solutions complement the reimagined OOONA one-stop-shop experience. OOONA’s media localization ecosystem is where tools, training and talent converge.  

OOONA EDU is our dedicated educational hub offering a plethora of online courses and tailor-made content for the ever-evolving media localization industry. It can also be used by companies for developing their own internal training programs. 

The POOOL is our marketplace, custom-built for media localization professionals. Whether you are a freelancer looking for your next gig or an organization in need of expertise, The POOOL bridges the gap, bringing you closer to the right opportunities and the right talent. 

The OOONA Tools are among our most popular products. Trusted by professionals in over 160 countries all over the world, continuously developed and improved, they are like an old friend. And as of now they come loaded with integrations to third-party AI engines, putting automation in the hands of the professionals – where it should be.   

To top it all off is OOONA Integratedour flagship online management platform integrated with our complete set of professional production tools for an end-to-end media localization experience. With instant access from anywhere, any time, on any operating system. 

With OOONA, you’re not just using a top-tier platform; you’re leveraging innovative technology that is trusted by media giants worldwide.  



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