We have been using Ooona for six years now. During that time, our company has undergone many stages of growth and transformation, and Translation Manager has always naturally kept up to speed with our changing needs.

The information is centralized and accessible to the interested parties, and everybody can know exactly at what stage a project is without having to get in touch with a specific person, which is particularly beneficial for us because we work with people in different time zones. The different players in our production flow get automated notifications whenever they can start work and files can even go out to the client without the intervention of our PMs, which ensures we always deliver on time or before the deadline. All of this has helped us cut down on operational time, and that is the greatest feature of Translation Manager.

Mara Campbell

COO & Founder, True Subtitles

We were in the market for a secure cloud tool that was versatile enough to handle scripting, captioning and subtitling in the cloud. But just as importantly, we wanted to find a company who would work with us as a partner. What we like about OOONA is the flexibility and support we get. Nothing is too much. We like that. The support and development team are fantastic too.

Simon Constable

SVP Language Services – Visual Data Media Services Burbank

The OOONA team have been extremely helpful and professional in launching and customizing Firstlight Media’s The Core, which ties everything together, from project start to final invoicing. It allows us to create client specific, adjustable workflows and keep track of project to make sure we always deliver high-quality subtitles and translations on time.

Martin Herclik


We at Mediatranslations have nothing but praise for OOONA. „Translation Manager“ is the key to our entire operation, handling thousands of files every month, allowing us to work much more efficiently than before and with total control of the file management process. We can’t imagine working without it. Wayne and Gal have always been more than helpful in our customization needs and support. These years of working with OOONA have clearly proved that we made the right choice.

Tomislav Pisk

Co-founder, Mediatranslations

Thanks to the project management you can stop worrying about missing deadlines and spend your time on something more useful than tracking projects.

Katarina Øyangen

One liner

Ooona has been a game-changer for us. It has allowed us to exceed our client’s expectations in all regards: content security, capacity, quality, and efficiency. The merging of the Toolkit with the Manager has allowed us to go to the next level. Plus, their service and response are top of the line.

Alma Baca

CEO, Collot Baca Subtitling