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Become a professional subtitler in less than 50 hours.


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Navigate an industry-leading subtitling software
Put theoretical knowledge into practice
Understand industry lingo
Create open subtitles
Edit, adapt and quality check subtitle files
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What's in it for me

Video lessons and tutorials

High quality videos & tutorials
that guide you through
your learning process
one step at a time

Hands on practical exercises

Learn how to subtitle with real job tasks so you are best prepared for the market

Access to professional subtitling software

Learn and gain experience on the industry-leading OOONA platform

Familiarize yourself with the AVT industry

Understand the subtitling
and closed captioning market
whilst putting theoretical knowledge
into practice

Social media learning community

Network with fellow aspiring subtitlers in our social media community and learn from each other

Help make our world more accessible

Understand the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and learn how to best service it with appropriate closed captions and subtitles

Discounts on professional software

Enjoy exclusive discounts to the OOONA platform and tools!

Personalized training

Receive personalized training and feedback from an industry expert to best cater to your individual needs


This course is designed for anyone looking to master translation subtitling, suitable both for complete beginners and individuals with some experience but without formal training.

It covers fundamental terms and concepts, industry-standard guidelines, technical specifications, processes, and file formats. Participants will understand the mechanics and the underlying principles of subtitling, learning what defines high-quality subtitles and how to consistently create them.

By comprehending the rationale behind various practices, students will learn how to prioritize choices, even when faced with seemingly conflicting guidelines.

The course assumes students have translation skills from English into their mother tongue, which will be actively utilized throughout the program.

Course credentials

Students who successfully complete the  GoSub Subtitle Translation course will receive a professional GoSub EDU certificate of completion.



Translators or interpreters seeking professional media training


Freelancers working from home looking to increase their income


Recent translation course graduates or students


Individuals seeking to enter the TV and film industries


Content creators who wish to subtitle their own videos


Lesson 1. Welcome and introduction
Lesson 2. Course overview, learning outcomes and schedule
Lesson 3. Support and FAQs

Lesson 4. Audiovisual translation and media accessibility
Lesson 5. Understanding the audiovisual text

Lesson 6. Frames, timecodes, and shot changes
Lesson 7. Subtitle types & media files
Lesson 8. Constraints, readability, and reading speed (cps)
Lesson 9. Subtitle file formats

Lesson 10: Subtitling workflows
Lesson 11. Materials
Lesson 12. Subtitling software
Lesson 13: Writing readable subtitles
Lesson 14: Working with guidelines: project specifications
Lesson 15. Timing (aka spotting)
Lesson 16. Reviewing & validation
Lesson 17: Essentials recap

Lesson 18. Guidelines in the target language
Lesson 19. Translation as adaptation
Lesson 20. Condensing dialogue
Lesson 21. Translation techniques
Lesson 22. Style and contextual accuracy
Lesson 23. Subtitling challenges
Lesson 24. Quality control

Lesson 25. Final subtitling project




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